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Review: Clik Elite Pro Express & Contrejour 40

These bags are amazing!! 

Over the last several years I've had the opportunity to use a lot of different camera bags. Some have been good, others terrible, but luckily I found Clik Elite.

I'd be lying if I said I'm not partial to Clik Elite because they're a local company from Utah. That being said, I still put them through the ringer, and if I didn't believe in the product I wouldn't use it.  

Here is a quick review on the Pro Express and the Contrejour 40.

Pro Express.  I use this bag when traveling because it's small enough to take with me everywhere. 

Contrejour 40.  I can put everything I need in this bag. All of the essential gear and more. Plus, I strap my skis on the back, pack my lunch in this bad boy, and I still have room to spare. 


These bags are amazing.  From the build quality, to the thought-out features and design, these bags have everything you need and more.  I recommend these bags to anyone looking for good protection, multiple compartments, and a bag that will last for years.   

- Levi